Cosmetic Smile Analysis and Advanced Treatment Planning

Since completion of his periodontal training program, Dr. Gould has maintained his commitment to the profession by attending some of the most well respected continuing education programs in the country (The Dawson Center, The Pankey Institute, and Spear Education). His focus has been centered on interdisciplinary care which involves working with other dentists, and dental specialists, to deliver the highest possible level of dentistry. Dr. Gould is also the leader of a local Spear Study Club (Wilmington Study Club) whose purpose is to collaborate with local dentists on difficult cases to create ideal treatment plans for patients.

Cosmetic Smile Analysis

For advanced treatment planning of complex dental cases a very specific and detailed analysis is performed which may include a thorough health history, a detailed clinical examination, a complete set of digital photographs, mounted models of your teeth on an articulator (a device which reproduces your existing bite), a complete set of digital radiographs, and a Cone Beam Computed Tomography scan (or 3-D scan). Once we gather this information, we will study your smile and meet with your dentist, and possibly other dental specialists, to develop an ideal treatment plan to meet your cosmetic desires. We will then present our findings and explain your treatment options. This detailed analysis allows us, and your dentist, to provide predictable results that we can all proud of.

The information gathering for a cosmetic smile analysis can vary depending upon the complexity of the case. The most important component is to gather all of the required information, before any treatment is initiated. This will ensure more predictable results, which are on target with the smile that you desire. If you have been thinking about improving your smile, please ask us about a cosmetic smile analysis. We would be delighted to assist you in obtaining the smile that you have always wanted.