Ridge Preservation

Site Presetvation In many cases, your dentist will recommend that the periodontist removes your tooth in preparation for a dental implant. Careful management of tooth removal by your periodontist during and after an extraction is a process called Ridge Preservation. Ridge preservation ensures that adequate bone regeneration occurs in the future implant site and provides a better cosmetic outcome for tooth replacement with dental implants.

Employing a very delicate technique, your periodontist will often use a combination of microsurgical instruments and new tooth removal technology (see our section on Tooth Removal Technology) to gently remove the infected tooth. The end result is to minimize any trauma to the gum and bone tissue and ensure complete healing of the extraction socket.

In many cases your periodontist will use a bone replacement graft in combination with a barrier membrane to preserve the bone quality and quantity and ensure successful future implant placement. Proper management and grafting of the extraction socket prevents the need for expensive grafting and reconstruction procedures later. Please ask us, or your dentist, if ridge preservation is the right option for your tooth requiring extraction and implant placement.